Website Design & Development

Website is a one type of location, in where you provide all details of your business, services, and your activities for world wide. and visitors can easily find, see and observe your business from anywhere. Now, uses of world wide website it is very important for you is how to attract visitors to your website?

So, website is very important and best medium to show your service and business activities to all visitors or world. But, this is possible when your website is look very pretty, attractive, easily understand by visitors, design is very simple and clean, development is very accurate, very robust coding, site loading is very low and open quickly.

We develop and design websites for our clients with all qualities which are discussed on above. First we understand our client’s requirements then design & develop website as per their requirement.

Our website design & develop process is complete in 8 steps. These steps are…

Does analysis, give specification, create design for website, content writing, coding, testing, promotion, maintenance &update.

By website business owner can put their company profile, services, products, price etc..for visitors.

We are develop & design many types of websites but same things for all website is, all websites are best as graphically, in good manners, very accurate, and all functionalities are supported by all browsers. We design our websites fully responsive and set layout as per all users. easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices like as desktop, laptop, smart phones, tablets etc..

  • Static websites

  • Dynamic websites

  • e-commerce sites(Shopping sites)

  • MLM type of websites

  • CMS development

  • ERP software

Static Websites

Static website is an easiest way to show your business, services or products online. First we collect all information of client business then develop & design static website. After setup of static website if you need to change any content then you must have web programming knowledge. Static website is also known as small business website. This type of website is suitable for those who need to constitute their web presence or just use it as a basis of intermediation to establish contact with the customers.

Design of static website is simple compare to any other websites and technology is quite simple to understand. In static website mainly used technologies are HTML, css, JavaScript, flash, etc. our static websites are also fully responsive.

This website is use when any business no needs to update products and services. Static website is very easy for downloading images and brochures from web.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic website is a user friendly type of website. Dynamic website is use for whose business need to change their products, prices, images, slider updates regularly. as per client requirement some details need to dynamic which details need to update.

We create admin penal for that and client can change their specific details. No any web programming knowledge required for changes this details.

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