Transport Accounting

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Our Transport Accounting System is useful for all transport companies. To get daily or monthly total expanse details and each vehicle details. Payment reports, due payments, all parties etc.. 

  1. Easy to manage expanse of vehicles
  2. Manage all employee and parties details
  3. Total payment details, due payment reports
  4. Party wise receivable & payable reports
  5. Salary reports
  6. Keep all data very secure, accurate and easy to manage whole things.
  1. Operating System Xp or above version
  2. .net frame work 4.0
  3. 1 GB Ram 160GB Hard disk
  1. After setup successfully software in your computer you can login with your login details.
  2. Now, you can add all parties like expanse party, driver, loading party, unload party etc..
  3. Also can add vehicles details
  4. Now you can add entry of each vehicles today route, expanse, receivable payments, paid payments, any other details.
  5. Then after you can see all data or records of daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly.
  6. You can also see reports of all workers salary and pending salaries.
  7. Loading parties, unloading parties’ accounts and details.
  8. Reports of each vehicles route and expanse details.
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