School Attendance System

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Our software is useful for school, institute, and college anywhere where attendance need. By our software process of take attendance & keep data is very easy.

  1. Can set standard’s student data as per shift wise
  2. Facility to import all students data together by import in excel file format
  3. All students’ attendance will take by ID Cards or Thumb.
  4.  All students’ identity is unique.
  5.   Can add student as per standard and class
  6. Can see daily, monthly, whole semester or yearly attendance report
  7. Same as can see leave reports by date and bay name of students
  8. Attendance will accept instantly when card or thumb swipe on attendance machine
  1. Operating System Xp or above version
  2. .net frame work 4.0
  3. 1 GB Ram 160GB Hard disk
  4. Crystal report
  5. RFID scanner or thumb reader machine
  1. First setup successfully this software in computer and attach attendance machine to computer
  2. Then add all students data by excel file format or one by one.
  3. Also add students unique id card number or thumb matching in software
  4. After successfully add students data you can set standards in shift wise
  5. Cross shift students can’t take attendance. So, avoid misuse
  6. Students only keep their id card opposite attendance machine and their attendance accept by machine
  7. So, by this way admin can show every day and monthly attendance reports of students
  8. Also Can print whole report easily
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