Sales Tracking & Reporting

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Sales Tracking & Reporting App. Is useful for all business Or companies which have sales person for their products or service Purpose.


Our Sales Tracking App. Is use & Control by  Android Devices & Web(online).



  1. You can Control All Employees together & get easily All reports & Updates from them.
  2. You can track your sales Persons locations. So, no budy can speak wrong about their job.
  3. So, you can grow your Sales & Business.
  4. No need to purchase any other devices.  You can use this App. In your Smart Phone(Android Device).
  5. So, no any  extra expense for use this System.


  1. All employees can add by admin & give authorities As per their Designation.
  2. Android App for sales Employee & admin (manage) .
  3. Employees can easily use this App. They send customers discussion reports(DCR) to admin at that time.
  4. By web Employee can Add their Monthly tour Plan.
  5. Employee can follow their Tour Plan by this App
  6. Employee can Add daily expense easily.
  7. When these above all details add by employee then Admin(Authorised) Peson can seen All details which was send by Employee.
  8. Employee also can check their current & Datewise locations in App.
  9. Employee also can use this  functionalities by web(online) also. By their given login ID.
  10. Admin Can use this App. Then they can seen All Employees location & reports in their Android Device.
  11. Admin can see each employees DCR, Tour Plan, Expense list, their current or past locations etc.
  12. Admin Also can use by  web to control all employees.
  1. Android Device(Smart phone/tablet)
  2. Android Version Above 4.0
  3. Internet Connection on device
  4. GPS ON In device
  5. You have login details for use of this App.


  1. First of all we will give you two URL for Access this system online & you can download Android App. From it. 1. For Admin & 2. For employee login.
  2. Our sales tracking System Domain is . After your Purchase App. You can use it by
  3. We will give you ADMIN login ID.
  4. Then you can Add your employees from them.
  5. And also give them Authorities as per designation & work. (Means if you add one employee & give authority to 4 employees then that employee can control these 4 employees).
  6.  You can set login ID for all employees & can edit their Profiles & password also.
  7. After create employee ID they can login in any one android device. Because after login successfully in one device they can’t do login with same ID to any other Device.
  8. You can see all employees’ reports in “report” menu. By selecting employee name, date, month etc.
  9. Also can export these details to .excel format.
  10. By “Tour Plan” menu you can see all set tour Plan of all employees & also export it to .excel
  11. IN “Expense” menu you can see all expense added by employees. By date, employee, month etc. total expense of all employees or each employee can see there.
  12. By “sale track” to “location list” you can see location of each employee by selecting date.
  13. By “sale track” to “Map” you can see each employee’s date wise location GPS Map.

Employee Panel:

  1. Now, by employee URL employee can do login & see their profile, Add tour plan, Add expense, & report also.
  2. If admin give authority to any employee for 4 employees then this employee can see 4 employee’s reports, expense & locations.
  3. For employee all functionalities are same as admin but employee also can add all details like Tour plan, Reports, expense etc.
  4. So, you can create users as per your requirement.

To Know More About Sales Tracking & Reporting App Please contact on +91 70430 88878 or 079 6617 8878 for Your Any Queries About this Software & Online Demostration.

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