Pharma Distributor System

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Our pharma Software is specialy develop for Pharma Distributers. They can easy to maintain their details. All creditors, debitors, bank accounts, medicines stock, tax details, near about expiry date products, daily, monthly purchase & sales report and profit/ loss details.

  1. Easy to manage ledger data
  2. Easy to manage medicines stock
  3. Easy to manage ledger credit, debit records
  4. Near expiry date products alert
  5. Can see Purchase & sell chalan, bill reports
  6. Group budget report
  7. Tax reports
  8. Daily, monthly, quarterly sales & purchase reports
  9. Total records of purchase & sales by party wise
  10. Total payment history & due payments
  11. Can do easily Sales & purchase return
  12. Can see daily, monthly, quarterly profit/loss reports
  13. Update all datas as per financial year
  14. Above listed all things can easily manage after only 15 minutes of guidelines of this software.
  1. Operating System Xp or above version
  2. .net frame work 4.0
  3. 1 GB Ram 160GB Hard disk
  4. MS Office
  5. SQL server 2008
  1. After successfully installed software you can login with given login details. You can change your password and username later.
  2. Now, you need to add your company (firm) details which information you want to display on your sales bill.
  3. Then add medicine manufacture name, area, root etc.
  4. Add all ledger account
  5. Add all medicines which you purchase & sell
  6. You can also add ledgers & Medicines together by import excel file format.
  7. Then you can add your purchase bill, sell bill etc.
  8. You can see your tax report by date & monthly and quarterly
  9. Also can see paid tax bill
  10. You can see your medicine stock
  11. If any purchase bill you want to return that then possible by only one click.
  12. Can see all reports of sales, purchase, sales & purchase return
  13. Mr reports
  14. All ledgers credit, debit accounts
  15. Near expiry date products alert and you can also do return it.
  16. After finished your one financial year you can start your new financial year data.
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