Hospital OPD management System


OPD Hospital Management Software is very useful to manage OPD Department of Hospital. By This Software easily can manage Process of Outdoor patient Department in Hospital.

Our OPD management Software is very user friendly. Multi user can manage this software. By this software its very easy to manage case master, Vaccine master, Vaccine chart master, Items, category, purchase master, item issued master etc.
Patient Appointment Form their Appointments & vaccine chart as per patient easily manage.

Accounting made very easy by this software. Its very easy to make invoices, update invoices & Due Payments.

Expense master for add hospital expense & can check total expense records.

Reports Easily can check & print like past patients data, Admitted Patientâ??s List, Total Invoices, Total Income, Patient Discharge Report. All reports can download in excel format & by Daily, monthly, yearly or Date wise.

SMS Facility Also included on admission, discharge, make invoice, at time of payment respectively get SMS to Patient.

Also these All Reports can see in Graphical View & can compare it by Past Data.

  • 1. Multi Users Can access
  • 2. Can Manage Patient Admitted data, Case Master, vaccine master, item & category, issued vaccine chart etc.
  • 3. easily can add patient Appointment & patient get SMS notification of Appointment no. & time etc.
  • 4. easy to manage Account Invoice, Payment, Due & Advance Payment manage.
  • 5. Hospital Expense can Add & as per it can check total profit
  • 6. Reports can easily check & download to excel & print, also can compare & check in graphical view.
  • 7. Auto SMS Facility for patient for appointment book, Appointment No., Discharge, Made Payment, Next visit Time, next vaccine Dose alert etc.

OPD Hospital Management System Is Desktop App. So, PreRequirement is

  1. Operating System Xp or above version
  2. .net frame work 4.0
  3. 1 GB Ram 160GB Harddisk
  4. MS Office
  5. Crystal report
  6. Sql Server 2008r2

To Know More About Hospital OPD management Software Please contact on +91 70430 88878 or 079 6617 8878 for Your Any Queries About this Software & Online Demostration.

We have Also Available IPD & OPD both Software Individually & Together. So, You Can Choose As per Your Requirement.

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