Gram Panchayat Tax Collection System


our grampanchayt project is useful for Talati Mantri, engineers for villages. They can manage whole details of village like property details, property owners, water or home tax details, birth certificates, deth certificates, Marriage Certificates, pending taxes, tax register, etc.. Daily Accounts and almost 15 types of certificates which are issue by Grampanchayat, All are can generate from Our Software. 

  • Talati mantri or engineers can login with their login details
  • Each village code and login is unique.
  •  Talati mantra can add all details of village like property details, property owners.
  • After add that details they can see details of each property and owners
  • Can add details of water, home, land tax details
  • Can print receipt of all paid taxes
  • Can see pending tax reports
  • Can create birth and death certificates
  • As per birth & death certificate village population can count.
  • All paid reports & tax pending reports auto added on new financial year.
  • Computer with internet connection
  •  Login id of software for particular village
  • You are must authorized person for access this software
  • First you must have authority for access this software(i.e. your designation must have talati mantri of any village)
  • You can login with your login details on our given URL
  • After login you can add all details related village. i.e. village property list, property owners
  • After add this details you can see any time any property details with their right owners
  • You can add tax details like water, home, land etc.
  • Same like you can add reports of paid tax details.
  • You can see whole reports of paid tax & pending or due tax reports
  • Also can give receipt for paid tax
  • You can create birth certificate & death certificate for village people
  • As per that reports you can see total population of village.
  • After finish current financial year you can calculate total tax amounts and pending or due amounts auto added on new financial year.
  • You can see whole records as per financial year.


To Know More About GramPanchayat Tax Collection Software Please contact on +91 7043088878 or 079 6617 8878 for Your Any Queries About this Software & Online Demostration.

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