General Accounting System

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Our Billing & Stock management System is useful for a shop. By our software you can easily manage your sales. And easy to print sale bill and manage payments, selling details, payment details, due payments, party total accounts etc..

  1. Sales report of customers and products
  2. Manage Orders, Sales
  3. Invoice Print, payment Receipt
  4. Edit company
  1. Operating System Xp or above version
  2. .net frame work 4.0
  3. 1 GB Ram 160GB Harddisk
  1. First you need to install this software in your system.
  2. Then after you can edit your company name.
  3. For selling you need to only add products for particular bill and customer name and bill generate.
  4. You can easily get reports like:
    1.  all customers report
    2. Sales Product reports with quantity
    3. Sale reports, daily and monthly.
    4. Payment report
    5. Due payment reports
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